Here Is What Comes In Your Bonus Package With The Purchase of Screen Profits

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Our Personal Promotion Blueprint

We are giving you access to our very own affiliate blueprint that has been devised and perfected over the last 10+ years. This blueprint is our own point of reference for every affiliate campaign we run and it works for us every time. You can use this blueprint to ensure each campaign you run has the potential to bring maximum commissions.

TEN Ways to Effectively Promote as an Affiliate

This is my own personal guide that explains The TEN most EFFECTIVE Ways to Promote as an Affiliate. This really is pure gold for anyone who is struggling to promote as an affiliate, even if you are an experienced, this guide is assured to help you greatly when promoting a product. You will get the guide in PDF format as well as a Powerpoint presentation. PLUS, I’ll also throw in Master Resell Rights with this, so you can sell it on and also pass on the resale rights, for additional profit!

Online Ads and Website Traffic Course

Traffic is the bloodline of any website, so this course will show you how to generate all the traffic you can handle from ads.

If you thought you knew it all, then think again! There’s pure GOLD in this course!

This is a SIMPLE but very EFFECTIVE method that anyone can follow.

Video Blog Sensation

Video blogging is steadily emerging as one of the newest, hottest Internet trends. Blogs have great value to websites that use them properly. Through a blog, a website can both show how active it is as well as it reach out constantly to the website's viewers with a new, updated information.

Internet Marketing A to Z

Running an Internet-based business can be a difficult, tiresome enterprise. It can test your stamina, creativity, and intelligence. It can push you to your limits; and make you consider whether waking up early and spending your day in a cubicle isn’t such a bad thing after all.

At the end of the day, though, you know that it is all worth it. You know that being your own boss, making the rules, and determining your own fate is worth it. No matter how difficult it seems.

Essential Marketing Tools And Strategies

This is a guide for those who are in business and who are seeking to use online marketing as a tool for their business success. The book describes the importance of creating a niche-marketing environment. It explores the common problems people make in online marketing and will assist you to identify your personal business niche. You will learn how to achieve an effective marketing strategy for your unique niche and how to use the proven Richer Dad principles to achieve dominance in a highly competitive market place.

Work Less Accomplish More

In the modern world, productivity is a common ideal. It does not have to be the measure of much work you can accomplish in your job. Productivity can also be about completing the things you need to do at home, or even during your leisure time. The point is that you can get more things done in the same time or even less.

Without further ado, we present 101 quick productivity tips that you can apply to your daily life. Note that while we used the word “work” here, in practice these tips can be used to organize and slap rockets onto your home and social life.

Video Sales Letter Zombies

You’ve surely noticed by now that video sales letters are all the rage. It’s no wonder that these sales letters are so popular, because they can convert many, many times better than traditional sales letters.

And there’s a lot of reasons for that:

  • They are more interesting, thus holding attention longer than text.
  • They are easier to trust, because you can hear and possibly see the product creator.
  • Those who watch an entire video presentation are much more likely to spend money than those who can’t or won’t.